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Re: Suggestion: *Professional* CD distributions

[Some really good points by Alexaner Gieg deleted]

Since you are asking for comments, here are mine:

I'm currently running RedHat 4.0. It works fine for me but I like
the idea of a distribution which is not commercial and thought I'd
give Debian a try. I don't need to be on the very edge of Debian. 

I've down loaded version 1.2 and by the time I got it installed there 
is now a version 1.2.2 (which I'm going to install). Anyone know when 
1.2.x will be frozen? I guess I jumped into Debian too soon for 
version 1.2, I should have started with version 1.1.17 and waited for 
1.2.x to stablize.

Terry Eck                           "Unix is a user friendly OS...
eck@sc10.dseg.ti.com                      it's just choosy about its friends"

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