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Re: [1.2 installation]: how to tell X to follow swapping of control and caps lock from loadkeys

On Tue, 14 Jan 1997, Orn E. Hansen wrote:

> daniel, you wrote:
> >>   You mean BIGGER documentation for X, is gonna get someone to RTFM? :-)
> >
> >No, but providing needed information might.
> Actually, I find it hard to browse through the manual pages in search of an
> item.  It's there... somewhere... but it may take some reading getting there
> though.  Like the manual pages have fallen out of context... and there is
> no index table to get a quick look at where to begin.

Not so!

Consider installing tkman, rman and glimpse, all in non-free.
This requires tcl/tk, too.

Of course, this is only available _after_ you have X working,
so it doesn't help with the initial installation, but you should be
aware of this great tool for future use.

With one click, you can very quickly search every man page (or a subset
of the manpath) for any string in the body of the man pages.

There's No Life Like It.


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