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Re: mouse problem

> I m a new user of debian linux. I ve installed debian with a cdrom. There
> was the package gpm for the mouse. That works very good. But after, I ve
> installed Xwindows and when I mdo "startx' the computer complains about
> device mouse busy. My mouse is on /dev/cua0. If I remove gpm, startx
> How can I solve this problem in order to have the possibility to have
> (a mouse when I use or not the xwindows)

Try to use "/dev/ttyS0" instead of "/dev/cua0", in *all*
the softwares that use it, like gpm and X. If any software
asks for some serial port, use the "/dev/ttyS?" in place
of "/dev/cua?".

Alexander Gieg

By: Alexander Gieg
E-mail: agieg@brworld.com.br
URL: http://www.geocities.com/TimesSquare/3222
IRC: AlexG

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