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Re: How to produce the file Packages

eck@sc10.dseg.ti.com (Terry Eck) writes:

> What I'd like to know is how is the file Packages constructed.


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Dale Scheetz wrote:
> The first rule of publishing: Don't let the writer proof his/her own work.
> Yet, we as maintainers, are the first to test our packages, and in some
> cases, no other test occurs untill the general user gets to try it out.
> We do have several folks who do "new installs" to test things out, but
> many of the problems users have are due to their particular hardware
> configuration.
> As a result of these factors, we must depend upon our user base to "find"
> the other problems.

Understandable, but maybe fixable.  I remember Bruce asking people on the 
list to test 1.2 before it went out.  If that testing process were a little
more structured, we might have found more of the problems ahead of time.  I
understand that there's a bug tracking system.  Is there a release tracking/
testing system to complement it?  I'll volunteer for this if needed, although 
there are probably people closer to the project who'd be better suited to it.

My approach would be to treat the distribution as a whole in the same way
you treat a large application program.  After a new package is integrated
into the release the entire release passes a series of tests (performed by 
various people on various platforms) before the package is accepted.

The process would probably delay the release of "stable" distributions by a 
couple of weeks, but I think it would be worth it.


... Ami.

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