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PCMCIA problem on Toshiba Satellite Pro 410CDT Solved but what about X?

Nico De Ranter writes:
 > Howdy,
 > I managed to install Debian on my Toshiba (thanks to all who helped).  However
 > I'm still having problems with X.  I managed to create a decent XF86Config file
 > however when I return to text-mode after running startx, my screen starts

Consult the Linux Laptop page for the toshiba 100CS. It worked  for my

I can mail you my XF86 config when I log off--- didnt start windows so
cant get to it now! Email me if you need it.

terrence brannon brannon@rana.usc.edu      telephones: home: 818-844-6401
360 S. Euclid Ave #124, Pasadena, CA 91101  /o)\        fax: 213-740-5687
http://rana.usc.edu:8376/~brannon           \(o/     that's right, 56*8*7

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