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On Wed, 8 Jan 1997, Joseph L. Hartmann, Jr. wrote:

> I've finally had it.  Not to knock Kendrick.  His post just
> pushed me over the edge.  Nothing personal.  I'm in the same
> boat as him, generally.  So many questions on this list --- and
> practically no one knows how to TROUBLE SHOOT! (Including me!)
> Am I wrong about that??  How can we get to the point of
> standing on our own two feet with this linux system?  -- Maybe
> I shouldn't send this -- sounds like I'm angry at someone --
> maybe I am: with myself.  Used to be able to set breakpoints,
> single step, etc. What is this linux stuff all coming to if we
> can't get to the bottom of a problem by ourselves?  What do we
> have to *do* to be able to solve a problem on this system by
> using our own methods ?  I really do appreciate the help that
> incompetents like me can get from more expert individuals --
> but how do we get to be able to fix stuff for ourselves ???
Patience is a virtue in almost any life experience. With Linux this is
even more true. Debian is no different from other Linux distribution with
respect to it's complexity. It is different from many in that it provides
mechanisms for dealing with this complexity.
Long distance debugging is not a trivial task, but it can be done. Later
postings are at least a demonstration of this effect.
Kendrik was correct to come to the list with his problem. We have pealed
it appart and discovered what caused the problem, and it will be fixed on
the next set of boot disks. This is the way it works.



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