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Re: How much space does a Debian mirror take?

>   I was once want to mirror the debian as well but I was told that
>   I need to have a very high speed connection to the ISP.  Currently
>   I can have upto 28.8 via modem from my house.  I'd like to know
>   how do I go about getting a high speed connection, the cost of
>   all this and process of setting up a mirror.  (I have plenty of
>   harddrive space 10G in total).

I run a 14.4 modem, and it works quite nicely.  Start it in the
morning before I went to work, and it would run till about 3
the next morning when my ISP reset his modems.  It only took 4
days.  Now that its mirrored, the upkeep is very quit and easy.


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