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Re: A proposal to improve dselect

IMO dselect is a wonderful tool and Debian would be sunk without it.  We
all owe a great deal to Ian for his work.  The problem is that the
learning curve for new users is a bit steep.  The words _brick_wall_ have
been mentioned.

On initial install could dselect be run in the background so that newbies
are shielded from the nuts and bolts?  Or, to be more accurate, so that
they are not allowed to fiddle with the defaults.  This would upgrade
things one more level from the base package.  The user will have a
working system and can then learn about dselect as time permits. 

I also think the idea of having dselect install different flavours of
Linux for differing needs by getting it to work with a list has merit,
though the primary need is one for newbies.  If dselect had this ability
different groups could then roll their own.

As I am the chap who landed the job of documenting dselect for 1.2
install, I would like email from those who followed my recommendation to
stick with the defaults.  How much difficulty did you then have?  Other
constructive comments are also welcome.


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