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Re: X-wm question.

On Thu, 09 Jan 1997 16:11:46 +0100 jacek@netcologne.de wrote:

> how can it be managed, that ONLY the programms available and installed
> would appear in the X-windowmanager's menues?? Someone told me that an
> other distribution, not Debian!!, would perform all entries in the
> .xwmrc during the installation. I'd like to know, whether this is
> possible in debian too?? If not, I would propose to implement a
> procedure like this. Currently all entries have to be performed by hand,
> right??

Yes. However support for what you're talking about is already present in 1.2. Only a few packages take advantage of it yet, but 1.3 should integrate much more packages in the menu system.


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