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Re: xterm color

> >>>>> "Michael" == Michael Harnois <mharnois@sbt.net> writes:
>     Michael> So is Debian X finding the app-defaults files at all?
>  I don't think it is.  Does anybody know how to get it to?  None of the
> X programs are finding their app-defaults file.

  Are you sure it isn't?   The usual distribution of app-defaults for XTerm
doesn't include the XTerm-color part (installing xterm-color will do that
part for you).  However, the XTerm-color includes XTerm definitions.  So
the proper way of making XTerm-color the default for XTerm is to change
the name of XTerm into XTerm-ad, and then rename XTerm-color into XTerm,
and change the line in it:

#include <XTerm>


#include <XTerm.ad>

of course.

  There are several ways, in which one can change the behaviour of reading
applications resources by client programs.  The directory where this is done
is by default <XWINHOME>/lib/X11/app-defaults but is affected by the three
Also note, that a client application will search for its resources in a
file in your HOME directory first, then in the above given variables and
finally falling back to the built in default.  So, you can basically put
a file XTerm in your home directory, and then xterm will load that file
as its resources on startup.

  So, if you make a file containing these lines in your HOME directory

#include <XTerm>
#include <XTerm-color>

  ...you should be home free.

  Read the X manual page (man X) for further details...

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