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On Thu, 9 Jan 1997, Kendrick Myatt wrote:

> At 08:29 PM 1/8/97 -0500, Dale Scheetz wrote:
> >This is a demonstration that dpkg-ftp is working properly. It is reporting
> >that the name specified (which is correct, by the way) either wasn't know
> >to the name server, or you have not designated one correctly (you may have
> >followed instructions and comma seperated a list of name servers)
> ######################
>         Ah-ha!  I darn sure did comma separate my nameservers, and a quick 
> glance at my /etc/resolv.conf shows me why it's not working!  Heh heh.. I assume
> that the commas not parsing OR the install telling you to do them that way is
> on its way to being fixed...

One can only hope. Actually this may turn out to be my problem (if it
isn't in the installation scripts of another package) as it is probably
handled by the installation script (I just took these over and haven't
looked at the install process for over a year) 
Oh, well, more work ;-)

>         As I write this, I am connected to a Debian mirror site and getting all
> my packages! *cheer*  This is very cool. :)

You are past the hard parts. If you stick with Debian you will never have
to go through an initial install again (well, at least not on this
machine) but when you do, you will, hopefully, find improvements have been
made along the way.

Have fun with your new system, and don't hesitate to post your problems or
confusions to the list.



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