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At 08:29 PM 1/8/97 -0500, Dale Scheetz wrote:
>This is a demonstration that dpkg-ftp is working properly. It is reporting
>that the name specified (which is correct, by the way) either wasn't know
>to the name server, or you have not designated one correctly (you may have
>followed instructions and comma seperated a list of name servers)
        Ah-ha!  I darn sure did comma separate my nameservers, and a quick 
glance at my /etc/resolv.conf shows me why it's not working!  Heh heh.. I assume
that the commas not parsing OR the install telling you to do them that way is
on its way to being fixed...
        As I write this, I am connected to a Debian mirror site and getting all
my packages! *cheer*  This is very cool. :)
        Thanks to _everyone_ who wrote in with help and ideas about what might
be causing the troubles!  Leave it to me to start installing a new OS exactly 
when the support list decides to go down.  Do I have perfect timing or what :)
        I was told that this list was VERY good for help and questions, and
that is true.  People offered to mail me the 1.1 disks and everything :)  Turns
out a comma was the culprit -- go figure!
        Everything seems ok now, so this thread will retire and I'll start a new
one with my next question :)  Thanks again to all!



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