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Re: A few questions.


	There are some mis-impressions floating around about compiling
 custom kernels. 

>>"Nathan" == Nathan L Cutler <ncutler@terminal.cz> writes:

Nathan> I don't use the debian kernel-source package at all.  I
Nathan> download Linus's kernels and install them in /usr/src/linux
Nathan> and compile them as per /usr/src/linux/README.  I have never
Nathan> had any problems with this, and otherwise have a full Debian
Nathan> system.

	And that is as it should be. In fact, I do not use the
 distributed kernel sources -- I use kernel sources patched up to the
 latest versions by hand -- and massaged into a debian package. The
 only thing you are missing is a more automated installation/de-
 installation process, and the fact that dpkg knows about which kernel
 image you use (which may not be very important, st the moment).

Nathan> IMHO the kernel-source package can never give you the
Nathan> fine-tuned kernel you need for your particular machine and
Nathan> your particular tastes.

	The kernel-source package is just the "pure" sources from
 Linux in /usr/src/kernel-source-X.XXX directory. Nothing is added to
 that directory tree. It does contain pre and post install scripts to
 help maintain /usr/src/linux symlink -- you can then have multiple
 kernel sources on your machine, and the kernel source package scripts
 make sure you don't have a dangling symlink. (I have 2.0.27 and 2.1.20
 sources on my machine)

	The point is, there is no difference in the kernel code. The
 statement that the kernel source package is less fine tuned
 than the original sources is a fallacy. 

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