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re: LI???

On Wed, 8 Jan 1997 C.J.Lawson@cranfield.ac.uk wrote:

>   On the second of Jan Kendrick wrote ..
> >When I boot my machine, I get LI and a blinking cursor, and it locks up.
> >The machine boots fine from floppy, though.  My system is set up with
> >/dev/hdb1 as the / slice, booting from there.  It gave me a warning when I
> >did that, but I just ignored it, thinking it was nothing.  Does it HAVE to
> >boot from the first physical disk?  My old version of slackware didn't...

Your HD is probably larger than 512Mb. Your bios is set-up to use LBA on 
the drive, and lilo isn't able to do that. Put the "linear" keyword in 
your lilo.conf, this will probably solve the problem. You may need to 
switch LBA off on the BIOS. Or maybe do all this on reverse, since I 
think newer kernels support LBA. Anyway, the problem is related to LBA 
and the disk geometry. There's a "large-IDE-howto" or something laying 
around, search for it.

Hope this helps,

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