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re: LI???

  On the second of Jan Kendrick wrote ..

>When I boot my machine, I get LI and a blinking cursor, and it locks up.
>The machine boots fine from floppy, though.  My system is set up with
>/dev/hdb1 as the / slice, booting from there.  It gave me a warning when I
>did that, but I just ignored it, thinking it was nothing.  Does it HAVE to
>boot from the first physical disk?  My old version of slackware didn't...

I have a similar problem, I get a LIL- prompt and the system hangs. It boots OK
from the boot floppy I made during install. Recycled lilo countless number of
times, changed the boot parameters and such like ... It still does the same
thing. What is really puzzling is that I have two 486's (66 & 133). I installed
 linux from the same disks (floppies) within a week of each other and guess
what? I only get this error on the 133! 

I got some lilo.19... sources yesterday but couldn't get lilo built, I get an
error from a file called boot.c! (I would try to build it on an alpha today --
from a fresh source and see if the package I obtained was to blame for this). I
would like to know if anyone else had/has the same problem and if so and has
resolved could you let us know what the solution is... I wonder about that
CDROM drive ...

?Just curious... I also just noticed there is "1.2 fixed" at the Debian site,
>so I am about to re-install with those images...

Did this work?



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