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Re: Curious thing about 1.1 -> 1.2 upgrade problems

> From: <tomk@westgac3.dragon.com>

> While I'm at it, XF86Config -- I've notice this odd behavior while configuring
> X windows, if I specify the memory of the video card as it should be, the
> screen is all screwed up for all resolutions. However, if I specify the memory
> at twice what it is, then all screen look beautiful. I tried this on two
> different machines. Each machine has a different video card with different
> amounts of memory. And both machines displayed this odd behavior. One has a
> generic VGA card with 256K, and the other has a Trident 9440 w/512K memory.
> I configured & reconfigured a dozen times trying to figure out what was wrong.
> 8-) On the last try, I "lied" to the config program and specified twice the
> memory. Lo and behold. 8-)

Hmmm...I wonder if that is related to something strange I saw:  Something I
ran to auto-detect the amount of video reported twice the amount I thought
I had (1MB vs. 2MB).  

(Sorry I don't recall if it was SuperProbe I ran manually or something run
in the and package configuration--probably the latter.)

By the way, for me X works fine with the correct value in XF86Config.


Daniel S. Barclay      Compass Design Automation, Inc.
daniel@compass-da.com  Suite 100, 5457 Twin Knolls Rd.  Columbia, MD 21045 USA

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