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Re: modules and module dependency information

David B. Teague wrote:
> Hi ...
> I have asked individuals this question and I have posted it, with RTFM as
> the answer. Polite answers, but ... I have done the RTFM on all module
> issues: insmod, modprobe, modules,...
> The Problem: On my home machine, deb 1.1, 486-66, scsi hd and cd rom, 16
> mb vlbus, I'm having trouble with getting the modules for scsi cdrom,
> serial, and lp, to load at boot time. They load fine with insmod, and I
> can use the devices.
> Please tell me what to put into the module dependency to make them load,
> and tell me where the kernel module facility expects to find it
> (/etc/module ? )OR tell me how to find out what is needed.
> David
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Edit the file /etc/modules and put in a line with the word 'isofs'
to cause the modules which supports the CDROM filesystem to be loaded.
You'll also need the module which supports the CDROM physical device
as well. If you use and ATAPI (IDE) CDROM this device is probably
already loaded. I honestly don't know what the module name is because
I have it compiled into my kernel. Maybe someone else knows.

Jens B. Jorgensen

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