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Debian 1.2 & InfoMagic LDR

Judith & Steve Hornett:

>> Has anyone been successful in installing Debian 1.2 from the
>> December InfoMagic LDR?

Daniel S. Barclay:

> I have, but I would not have survived it without this mailing list.

Okay, I purchased the InfoMagic set with Debian 1.1 only to find out
that I need Debian 1.2 because my video card isn't supported in the
1.1 version of xbase.  Now I read that installing 1.2 is a pain and
on top of it I might need to get updates via ftp because the CD
contains an unstable (?) version that requires updating. The thing
is I *don't* have net access on the PC I wanna install Debian...

Should I forget about Debian alltogether or will there ever exist
a CD set containing a workable/stable/hassle-free version 1.2 ???

If I had access to a mirror site in order to fetch updates & patches,
why would I even bother purchasing such a CD set in the first place ?
This is starting to smell like a "gotcha" to me...  :(
Peg: "What are you thinking?"
Al : "If I wanted you to know, I'd be talking instead of thinking."

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