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Re: Good buy or not?

I say build your own system.  I sat down the other day to
see just how much of a difference there was between one I
could put together and one of the standard systems that
come with the office suites and stuff at school.

The system I put together (not for real this time, but I
checked all the prices) had the same speed processor as
the 'stock' system, but 20 megs more memory (for some
bizarre reason, the system I compared had 12 megs of ram).
It was also on the newest intel motherboard.  It had an
8x ide cdrom instead of a 6x, and all the other stuff -
sound card, speakers, monitor, video card (2meg hokkins,
55 bucks and about 20-30% faster than the 129 dollar diamond
card, tested in vga mode with no acceleration) 1.6 gig hard
drive, floppy.

The price I came up with was 400 bucks cheaper than the
'sale' price at school, and had a better baseboard and
hardware.  I'm very happy putting my own systems together
and have seen the nightmares that others call computer
systems.  I recommend taking the time, even if it takes
you six months, to learn how to put your own together
and doing it that way.  I also never shop through mail,
try starting at 'A' under computer dealers in the yellow
pages and asking prices, you'd be surprised sometimes.

This advice is exactly what I have done myself, and I
stand behind it.  Just treat your hardware with respect
and you won't have any problems.

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