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Re: Good buy or not?

On 19:39:15 Paul Christenson wrote:
>It better be a VERY good price, since it's basically a dead-end machine.

Well, it was.  Original selling price was $1649.  I got it for $698.

Why?  Not this one.  I can plug in several different Pentium or even a Cyrix
upgrade chips.  And it'll go to 128MB of RAM.  Three empty drive bays too.
>You can put in a bigger hard drive, MAYBE more RAM, but that's about it.
The RAM is standard, 72 pin simms.  Plenty of space for my Conner 850's

>As for it having a P75, I don't see much difference between my P133 at
>home, my P100 at work, or the P75 on my test bench.
I agree with this.  Thats why I said originally that I knew this cpu would NOT
be much better, if at all, as compared to my AMD 133.  But, my goal was to 
get into a Pentium, which could be readily upgraded.  I did that.  And I'm
pleased with the machine, their support thus far, and all the software that
came with it also.  Oh, yeah, it is for Win 95, but I already took that off to m
room for Debian.

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