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Problems installing on a Compaq Dual PPro


One of my friends just received a complete clean Compaq Dual Pentium Pro and I convinced him to give Linux a try. I downloaded the required disks and told him on the phone that I've tried the installation process before so in a matter of an hour or so he would be flying...

We ran into problems (didn't look at the Hardware-HOWTO before hand - well he didn't know it existed) and now I just want to know whether we have a fair chance of success.. and how to proceed if we have..(not using the enclosed NT-cd).

The System:
	Compaq Professional Workstation 5000
	2x Pentium Pro at 200 MHz				ok
	ISA and PCI						ok
	Matrix Millinium					ok
	ATAPI Compaq CD						ok
	Symbios Wide-Ultra SCSI controller (53c875 chipset)	?
		Compaq 2.1 GB SCSI disk (0)
		IBM 2.16 GB SCSI disk	(1)
	Compaq Qvision 210 monitor				?
	NetFlex-3 10/100 Network interface controller		?

The ok's refere to things I think will work without problems and the ? reflects the more doubtful parts of the system (my judgement).

When we boot from the resq1440.bin disk we come to the part where the disks is to be partitioned a message explaining that the disks can't be seen comes up (chaeck cables or give arguments at the boot prompt). I looked at some on the info in Debian FAQ and the HOWTO's with the following result:

	1) Compaq machines seems to be special concerning bios and PCI (from Linux Compaq Deskpro XL HOWTO). Can we use the methods outlined in there for this specific machine as well.

	2) The SymbiosWide-Ultra SCSI is not in the on the supported list of controllers.

	3) The network we haven't even thought to think about..

Any help would be highly appreciated..

Karsten Bolding

PS: When we were working on the problem a guy came in an suggested to install Solaris instead - we don't want this to happen - do we....

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