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Re: pls, send to the right address

On 5 Jan 1997, Guy Maor wrote:

> Joey Hess <joey@kite.ml.org> writes:
> > Why don't you just check the X-Mailing-List: header instead of To:? It's
> > better than trying to dictate how everyone replies to the list.
> Probably because, like me, he doesn't want to see the personal copy if
> someone also sent it to the list.  And he'd like to see the mail on
> his list mbox, not his personal mbox.  I do this with gnus.
I would point out that this problem stems from the way the list constructs
the mail header. When I send mail to the list, the resent messages have my
name and address in thr From: field and the debian list address in the
Resent from: field. The problem that this creates for me is that any mail
that bounces from other members of the list, bounces back to me, instead
of the list. 
For this user's problem it means that when I do a reply it goes to the
original sender and cc's the list.
If these two fields were swapped, then bounced mail would properly reply
to the list, where something can be done about it, instead of to me, who
can't do a thing about it. It would also fix the above user's problems.
I understand that it would make it somewhat harder to just reply to the
poster of the problem, which is more often than not the desired process.
It depends on which is more important.



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