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Re: Buggy "mime-support" package? :-(

> Anyway, the main trouble seems to be that the Debian-1.2 /etc/mailcap has
> grown to a rather ridiculous size as compared to the version provided with
> Debian-1.1.xx:
> ----------------------------cut-here------------------------------------
> [root]/root > v /etc/mailcap*
> -rw-r--r--   1 root  root  320596 Dec 24 04:12 /etc/mailcap
> -rw-r--r--   1 root  root     502 Nov 30 13:41 /etc/mailcap.bak
> -rw-r--r--   1 root  root     841 Dec  3 17:59 /etc/mailcap.dpkg-dist
> ----------------------------cut-here------------------------------------

I've seen one other case of this.  It happened because the /etc/mailcap
was not in the proper format.  The latest mime-support package v2.09
(probably only in "bo") checks for this problem but older ones didn't.

I suggest you remove the /etc/mailcap file and reinstall the "mime-support"

> Well, trying to deinstall the mime-support for apparent reasons i just get
> *lots* of dependancy conflicts making it impossible to do without this
> thing. Here the relevant lines from the dselect dialog:
> ----------------------------cut-here------------------------------------
> pine depends on mime-support
> apache depends on mime-support
> xpdf depends on mime-support (>= 2.01-1)
> metamail depends on mime-support (>= 2.02-1)
> lynx recommends mime-support
> xanim depends on mime-support (>= 2.08)
> ----------------------------cut-here------------------------------------

None of these are technically supposed to depend on mime-support.  They
should only test for its availability before calling the "install-mime"
program.  This is documented in the "install-mime" man page.
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