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Re: get-news.inn script in suck-3.3.2-1 package...

On Sat, 4 Jan 1997, Paul Seelig wrote:

> /var/spool/news//var/spool/news/jogu/test/1 does not exist<--relevant part

> The variable "-p ${SPOOLDIR}" expands to "/var/spool/news/" and gets
> prefixed to the articles numbers to be posted as stated in
> /var/spool/news/.outgoing/name.of.news.site ($OUTGOING) which already
> are listed there containing the full path of their location on the local
> site's spool. Therefore the whole thing expands to the following name

 The problem is you have set up your inn newsfeeds file to put the full
path into the "name.of.news.site" file instead of the relative path.  You
need to use an entry of the form:


Use "n" instead of "f" in the W parameters.

Alternatively, you can continue to modify the scripts provided with suck
each time (nothing wrong with that either).


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