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Re: [1.2 installation]: how to tell X to follow swapping of control - more info. and caps lock from loadkeys

> From: "Orn E. Hansen" <oehansen@halmstad.mail.telia.com>

> > > > What's the best way to swap the Caps Lock and left
> > > > Control keys under X windows?  =

> > > It's right in the man page for xmodmap:

Thanks for the information, thought not for the possible attitude.  (How
would someone know to look in xmodmap?)

> ..
>   Put those lines into a file, and then run 'xmodmap [file]' and the
> Control_Left and Caps_Lock keys change places.  With or without the
> extension.

After some digging (through startx and xinitrc scripts), I found that the
_right_ answer involves putting those lines in /etc/X11/Xmodmap (or 
.Xmodmap)--so they get executed automatically by startx and the (default) 
system xinitrc script.


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