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Re: Password


if i were u, i would:

obtain a boot disk, boot ur sys up with it, mount the root partition,
`vipw` and put a "*" for root's passwd.

reboot the machine and supply a passwd for root asap.


On Sun, 5 Jan 1997, Chuma Agbodike wrote:

> When I installed Debian 1.1 (linux 2.0) and later upgraded to 2.0.6
> I did not give a password. I usually log in as root followed by a <CR>
> at password prompt.
> For some time now I have not logged into Linux. Been busy with several
> other stuff. Close to 2 months or more.
> Today I booted linux and it won't let me in. I log in as root and give
> it <CR> at password prompt. Keeps rejecting me.
> How do I get around this? I hate to think that I have to re install
> from scratch after all the work I did getting it to where I like it.

Version: 2.6.2


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