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Re: OK to install across 2 HDs?

>>>>> "Joseph" == Joseph L Hartmann, <joeh@sugar-river.net> writes:

    Joseph> I have two HD's.  Right now only one is hooked up -- it is
    Joseph> my hda, a 1.6G Western Digital, running Redhat.  I wish to
    Joseph> hook up in addition a 340 Meg Connor.  I would like that
    Joseph> to be the slave so that I can keep my WD stuff where it
    Joseph> is. I want to install Debian on the 340 Meg drive until I
    Joseph> convince myself if I want Debian on the 1.6G drive.

I was in a very similar situation once.  I had a machine with two
disks and a CD-ROM, a functional Red Hat on one disk, and a trial
Debian on the other.

    Joseph> would like to boot up on either one.  How do I arrange
    Joseph> that?  The second one would be hdb, would it not?

That depends on how your hardware is configured.  Most modern
motherboards have two IDE ports -- called "primary" and "secondary".
Each port can handle two drives, a "master" and a "slave".  On all the
boards I've worked with (a total of three :-), Linux sees the primary
master drive as /dev/hda, the primary slave drive as /dev/hdb, the
secondary master as /dev/hdc and the secondary slave as /dev/hdd.
Thus, if you have hda, and hdb, both drives are connected using one
cable to the primary IDE port on the motherboard (or controller
card).  If you want to boost performance, you can try moving the slave
drive to the secondary port.  Make sure you know how to set the
jumpers on the drives to let them know that they'll be alone on their
respective ports, though!

    Joseph> disturbing my "running system".  Can I get lilo to boot
    Joseph> from either drive? How?

Put a kernel image somewhere on both of them and the put clauses in
your /etc/lilo.conf file for the two different drives. Something like

image = /vmlinuz-2.0.27
  root = /dev/hda1
  label = First_Drive
image = /vmlinuz-2.0.27
  root = /dev/hdb1
  label = Other_Drive

    Joseph> I have a controller card, el-cheapo $19.00, that controls
    Joseph> 2 IDE HD's, 2 Floppies, 2 Serial Ports and 1 Parallel
    Joseph> Printer port.

Aha! Here's perhaps the source of your confusion:  your controller
card only has one IDE port.  Thus, your dilemma is solved -- you don't
have the option of putting the second disk on the secondary port.  For
you, the master disk will be /dev/hda and the slave /dev/hdb.

    Joseph> Sorry for my elementary questions.  Any advice will be
    Joseph> appreciated.

No need to apologize.  Just try to help out others with similar
problems once you have learned the ropes.

Nathan L. Cutler
Linux Enthusiast

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