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Re: Help please: installation of TeTeX on a Debian machine.

On Sun, 5 Jan 1997, Paul Seelig wrote:

> promised that this release will be a 100% uptodate as well. :-) Maybe you
> should really wait for the brandnew teTeX before you bother about

If it is just a week or two I'll rather wait. I like what I hear :)
Someone actually told me that I should install teTeX maybe a month ago
when I was running 0.93R6 but then 1.2 came and I tried its TeX instead.
It is better, but not good.

> Looks rather like a basic LaTeX/TeX system tailored especially for Debian
> than a distribution of some sort. But OTOH i never tried it out giving it

Well... Maybe there should be put together a Debian teTeX package.
The maintainer of the current Debian TeX package maybe should spend his
time helping teTeX instead of his own stuff. But I suppose he's got a
reason not to do so... What is better about Debian TeX, anyone?

> NTeX is a very large TeX distribution which was usually provided with
> Slackware and which is not as well designed and maintained as teTeX. If i

Then I will go for teTeX instead.

I tried searching around for teTeX whis morning, and I found a lot of
FTP-sites carrying the files, I also found the maintainer's address and
the mailing-list. BUT do you know if there is a teTeX web-page somewhere,
where some general information, maybe some installation help and useful
links exists? Anyone?


  // Jonas <job@abc.se> [2:201/262.37]

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