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Stealth exclusions...

I recently updated some packages from the "bo" set. One of these was, I
believe, netstd or something. Anyway, I then found that POP wasn't running
any more. I looked in /etc/inetd.conf and found it commented out. I also
looked in /usr/sbin and discovered that in.popd had been deleted.

This follows just a day after I updated inn and ended up losing my ctlinnd.

Can't we have some policy whereby, if a package loses some of its components
(usually to put them in a more appropriate package), then we'd get some
obnoxious warning like 

   *** NOTICE: the "foo" program is no longer held in the "bar" package.
       if you wish to still use this program, you need to get it with its
       new home: "fookit".

Or, at the very least, have the package it used to live in *suggest* the
package it moved to.

- Joe

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