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Re: Help please: installation of TeTeX on a Debian machine.

On Sun, 5 Jan 1997, Paul Seelig wrote:

> Very good idea! The advantage of teTex is that it is complete with all
> bells and whistles described in the LaTeX Book and the LaTeX Companion
> and that it is an implementation which adheres to the TDS (TeX Directory 

Then I guess I should be installing teTeX as well. I need to do some
TeX'ing but the standard Debian TeX package always seems to come up with a
new problem once I fixed one. The standard TeX package in Debian, is it
a completely new TeX distribution or is it based on some other?
Do you know what NTeX is? I was told it was a good TeX distribution, but
maybe I should try teTeX instead.

  // Jonas <job@abc.se> [2:201/262.37]

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