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PPP connect using pon / poff / plog scripts


I can connect to my ISP using pon as root: when I attempted to use this
as user amacater, I got "cannot read /etc/ppp.chatscript" errors: chmod
755 cured this for /etc/ppp.chatscript and /etc/ppp.options_out but I
now get: "cannot execute /usr/sbin/pppd - permission denied".  I know
that pppd is suid, owned by root with group of dip - what do I need to
do next.  I am *very* unclear on suid so would appreciate any help here
- apologies for a possible FAQ.  System is Debian 1.2 from i-connect CD
mastered 13/12/96 - clean install (previously using 1.1 which I wiped).

Andrew Martin Adrian Cater

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