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Re: Corrupted superblock on msdog partition

Nathan L. Cutler writes:
> I'm running a modified 1.1 system.  The whole question is moot now,

On a separate problem, I had 1.1 on my system and for whatever reason, 1.1
refused to shutdown cleanly. At first it was random, then it became constant.
Thanks to the redundancy in ext2, the boot up process recovered and fixed the
corruption. After upgrading to 1.2, I've yet to see this problem. I feel
confident enough to say that the upgrade fixed it.

> because I've moved the disk that contains the damaged partition to
> another box.  I think one of two things happened:  (1) the msdog
> partition was not synced when I rebooted and the reboot left it in an
> unstable state, or (2) DOSEMU (which I was running on the partition as
That may be the problem--^

> well) left the partition in an unstable state when I exited.
> Today I realized a long-time dream of mine -- I built myself a second
> box for msdog and NT.  Hopefully, I'll never have to run two operating

Good for you!! 8-)

> run Windows software against their better judgment, I highly recommend

The only reason I drop back to "dos" is to run games. I don't trust DOSEMU.

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Thomas Kocourek  KD4CIK

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