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Re: Corrupted superblock on msdog partition

>>>>> "Tom" ==   <tomk@westgac3.dragon.com> writes:

    Tom> Nathan L. Cutler writes:
    >> By accident, I rebooted my box with an msdog partition mounted
    >> manually (i.e. it is not in /etc/fstab).  Now, msdog can't
    >> access the partition, and linux says the superblock is corrupt
    >> when I try to mount it with mount -t msdos.

    Tom> I don't know what happened, but I do this sort of thing all
    Tom> the time (i.e.  reboot system with manually mounted
    Tom> partitions). I've yet to run into this sort of problem. What
    Tom> release are you running?

I'm running a modified 1.1 system.  The whole question is moot now,
because I've moved the disk that contains the damaged partition to
another box.  I think one of two things happened:  (1) the msdog
partition was not synced when I rebooted and the reboot left it in an
unstable state, or (2) DOSEMU (which I was running on the partition as
well) left the partition in an unstable state when I exited.

Today I realized a long-time dream of mine -- I built myself a second
box for msdog and NT.  Hopefully, I'll never have to run two operating
systems on one machine again!  I have both boxes connected to the same
monitor, keyboard and mouse through a mechanical A/B switch (a local
firm custom makes them).  If there's anybody out there who is fed up
with continually rebooting their machine because they are forced to
run Windows software against their better judgment, I highly recommend
this solution.

Nathan L. Cutler
Linux Enthusiast

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