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Re: can't load library "libXt.so.6"

> I'm trying to install texbin (Debian 1.2 btw) and have run into the
> following error message:
> mf: can't load library "libXt.so.6"

I had exactly the same problem.  The fix is to add "/usr/X11R6/lib" to 
the list of directories in /etc/ld.so.conf.  Then run "/sbin/ldconfig" as 
root.  This tells ld (the dynamic loader) to update its list of what 
directories to search for shared libraries.  For some reason Metafont, 
among other programs, needs to be able to find the X libraries.

I tore my hair out over this one too, so don't feel stupid... 8-)  I 
figured it out only after a _very_ careful reading of the XFree86 Howto.

---Alex Chamberlain

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