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tecra 730

I tried to install my first Debian system on a Tecra 730 nootebook and
failed booting from the rescue disk - by now I know this is a known
problem. At the time, being in a hurry to get my new box up and running,
I installed Slackware instead.
Now the real question: Can I install Debian (from CD-ROM) on top of a
Slackware installation (hopefully without destroying personalizations in
initialization files (.xinitrc, XF86Cobfig, fvwmrc, ...) ?
And how would I go about this (as an experienced Linux user, without any
Debian exposure so far)?

Thanks for any hints.

Ulrich Lauther          ph: +49 89 636 48834 fx: ... 636 42284
Siemens ZT AN 1         Internet: Ulrich.Lauther@mchp.siemens.de

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