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Re: limiting email size

At 03:45 PM 1/3/97 +1100, Fundamental wrote:
>karl >   ----- Transcript of session follows -----
>karl >... while talking to mail.tower.net.au.:
>karl >>>> MAIL From:<tower@indiepop.iinet.net.au> SIZE=2925297
>karl ><<< 552 message too large
>karl >554 karl@tower.net.au... Service unavailable
>karl >
>karl >I guess this is a good-a indication as any.

>Thanks - thats a big file you sent:)

Well, it's 2meg :-)  The good thing though is that smail won't actually
receive that 2meg file before it bounces - this has been done at the start
of the connection before any data is really sent.  However, it does bounce
back the entire message to the sender (hehe!) which is a good lesson 'not to
do it again'  IMO :-)



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