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Re: Newbie X-WIndows Installation questions

>>>>> "Miller" == Eamiller  <Eamiller@aol.com> writes:

    Miller> I am brand new to the Linux operating system, and have
    Miller> been trying to install XFree86 on my system.  My first
    Miller> question is, should I get 3.2 from Xfree86.org, or is
    Miller> there a specific Debian package that I can use?  Next, do
    Miller> I download the aout files, or the elf files?  I have tried
    Miller> both with no success.  When I undo all of the required
    Miller> files I get various errors when I try to run XF86Setup.
    Miller> Anything from missing library files to a missing card
    Miller> file.  I really need more detailed info then XFree86 gives
    Miller> me.  Do I untar the files in the root directory, or the
    Miller> /usr/X11R6 directory that I create myself.  Right now I am
    Miller> totally lost, and desperately seeking help.

I would recommend getting a full Debian distribution (1.2 is the current
stable one).  Then, run 'dselect' to choose which packages you want on
your system.  If 'dselect' has found the distribution correctly, it
will offer you a rich variety of packages to choose from.  There's a
whole section for X11.  As a minimum, you'll need xbase, xfntbase, and
an X server or two (xserver-vga16 and one for your particular video
card).  That should allow you to get X running, then you can install
more X packages as you see fit.

If you're a newbie, don't worry too much about which version of X
you're getting.  Get whichever version comes with the particular
distribution you are installing.  Most likely it will be 3.1.2 -- so
be it.  It's a tried and true X system and you're much less likely to
have problems with it than if you get the newest version at any cost.
Also, many many more people can help you with 3.1.2 than with 3.2,
since 3.2 is extremely new.  Let the experts get used to it first, and
then do what they do.

Hope this helps.  If it doesn't, feel free to send me a personal mail.

Nathan L. Cutler
Linux Enthusiast

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