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Newbie X-WIndows Installation questions

I am brand new to the Linux operating system, and have been trying to install
XFree86 on my system.  My first question is, should I get 3.2 from
Xfree86.org, or is there a specific Debian package that I can use?  Next, do
I download the aout files, or the elf files?  I have tried both with no
success.  When I undo all of the required files I get various errors when I
try to run XF86Setup.  Anything from missing library files to a missing card
file.  I really need more detailed info then XFree86 gives me.  Do I untar
the files in the root directory, or the /usr/X11R6 directory that I create
myself.  Right now I am totally lost, and desperately seeking help.


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