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RE: PPP Dial up help

On 00:22:43 Knight wrote:
>>Ok Mr Newbie here again. I have been trying to get Debian to connect to my
>local ISP threw an external modem. When I issue the PON command it dials
>the connection fine, the modems connect, but then the line drops. The PLOG
>stated that I was dropped by the peer.

  Well, yes, very likely, the option file is the key.  Make sure it is set for r
ts/cts and
not xon/xoff flow control.  The option file also has about a bazillion options f
or the
control of the LCP or IPCP processes themselves.  You should check your messages
file (/var/log/messages) by using "tail /var/log/messages" right after trying a 
There you should see a more descriptive (hopefully) reason the modems are hangin
up.  It could be your option file is set for PAP or CHAP and your ISP isn't, or 
In my case, I have a chatscript set up that logs me in and starts the PPP sessio
n.  It
is called from the option file itself.  After starting PPP up the chatscript ret
urns to the
option file where the actual LCP and IPCP negotiations are controlled.  If you a
by chance not using rts/cts, you may see LCP timeouts in the messages file, and 
would be the reason the line hangs up.  If LCP cannot establish the proper contr
over the link, nothing else happens, so it hangs up the line right now!


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