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Succeeded in installing Debian 1.2 on Tecra 720CDT

Well, I had a problem with BIOS revision 5.60 .. The reported bzImage problem. However, I've just noticed no such problem after upgrading to 5.80 which Toshiba made available in December.
If you have a Tecra 700 series notebook do see if an upgraded BIOS fixes this problem.
I would like to ask why David Hinds PCMCIA support cannot be included in the base distribution. I'd like to be able to install the base and then ethernet to where a debian mirror is located on my desktop machine.
I think as it stands now I have to install the PCMCIA support separate after installing the base and that to me doesn't make much sense.
I'm guessing that pcmcia_cs is just too big to be in the base?

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