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Re: Poppasswd

Did they release a new version?

On Sat, 28 Dec 1996, Roy C Bixler wrote:

rcb >> rcb >My configuration is Debian 1.2 stable (poppasswd_1.2-4) and Eudora Pro v.
rcb >> rcb >3.0 flailing away on Windoze '95.  The connection just hangs after I
rcb >> rcb >specify the new password for the second time.  The Eudora dialog box just
rcb >> rcb >sits with a 'newpasswd' text. If I look on the server, there are idle
rcb >> rcb >'poppasswd' and 'passwd rcb' processes running.  Also, as expected, typing
rcb >> rcb >in my original password incorrectly will cause Eudora to abort the
rcb >> rcb >operation.  It really appears as if 'poppasswd' itself is just hanging
rcb >> rcb >after it receives the 'newpass' command - this is what I got if I 'telnet'
rcb >> rcb >direct to port 106 and go through the protocol sequence.
rcb >
rcb >I solved my problem by getting the 'poppassd.c' source from
rcb >
rcb >ftp://ftp.qualcomm.com/quest/unix/servers/password/linux.tar
rcb >
rcb >and compiling.  It works with no changes.  FWIW, I did notice that the
rcb >Debian package has a 'shadow password patch' included and the qualcomm
rcb >version does not. 
rcb >
rcb >Roy
rcb >rcb@press-gopher.uchicago.edu
rcb >
rcb >

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