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Problem with new Logitech "bus" mouse.

Hello people.

To accomadate a new serial device (a USR Pilot) I just bought a mouse 
which is called a Logitech bus mouse.  Actually, it is a serial mouse 
that comes with a bus board that provides an additional 9 pin serial 
port.  Under Windoze '95, this plug and pray board gets assigned to COM3 
and irq 10 using the manual configuration method (for those of you who 
have struggled with plug and pray on M$ systems, you know what that 
means).  I always warm boot Debian using loadlin.

So far, I've had no luck getting Linux to recognize my additional serial 
port.  I've used kernels 2.0.25 and 2.0.27 with various suport compiled 
in.  I downloaded and successfully ran some pnp software: pnpdump and 
isapnp which successfully find the board and claim to configure it with 
base address 0x3e8 and irq 10.  However, using commands like 'setserial 
/dev/ttyS2 port 0x3e8 irq 10' have yielded no results.  (I did try 
several times to use /dev/logibm until I clued in that the mouse is a 
serial mouse and not a busmouse.)

I've had luck warmbooting pnp hardware on other machines before such as 
with a pnp SB16 sound card, but no luck here.  Any suggestions?

[My machine: AMD 486DX2-80, 16MB RAM, 2 year-old LBA motherboard which is 
not PnP, promise EIDE IO card with COM1 port, Internal 14.4 modem on 

As always, thanks in advance.  Syrus.

Syrus Nemat-Nasser <syrus@ucsd.edu>    UCSD Physics Dept.

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