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Re: Suggestion

From: "Alexander Gieg" <agieg@brworld.com.br>
> Here from Brazil, the connection speed to ftp.debian.org is below
> 0.4 kbps. And the worst is that the other mirrors I tried,
> like farofa.ime.usp.br (wich is about 10 km from here) are
> more slow (!).

Is that different from linux.if.usp.br /debian ?
The administrator there is afmoraes@if.usp.br .

> So, I think that a good thing would be a bin-diff distribution.

Unfortunately this is not as well-bounded a problem as a text diff.
The reason is that when a program is re-linked, adding a single
instruction or a byte of data may change a large number of address
references in the program. You might use "cmp -l" between two versions
of the same program to see how much of a problem this is.


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