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Re: printing pdf files

Hello Lars!

On 21 Dec 1996, lars wrote:

> I know how to view pdf files now, and like to use gs... which happens
> to be the main filter in apsfilter... however, when I try to print pdf
> files with something like "lpr <filename>.pdf" i get an error
> message. I want to modify apsfilter to recognize PDF files, but can't
> figure it out. Can someone please point me in the right direction?
> Thanks

I noticed a few days ago that there is a program called "ps2pdf" on my
hard drive.  I just did a quick check, and lo and behold, there is a
"pdf2ps" too!  :)  I guess they both come with your GhostScript
Debian package.  I am using Aladdin GhostScript 4.03, so I don't know
whether the GNU GhostScript v3.x has it yet or not.  But anyway, to print
your .pdf file, I think you must first run the "pdf2ps" utility (there is
a manpage for it too), and then you can print the resulting .ps file.

Of course, if you know the PDF file format, you may add your own filter
for your apsfilter to do pdf2ps conversion automatically, so you can
print your .pdf files without having to convert the files manually. :)

(Sorry, I haven't typed e-mail for a while, so I know I was really wordy
and I kept repeating myself.  :)

Merry Christmas!  :)


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