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Re: Re[2]: PGP

lists@lina.inka.de said:
> The Reason for this is that RSA in america requires all to use RSAREF 
> library for non-commercial use. There is a european rewrite of this 
> RSA lib. Because it is a rewrite there are no copyright problems with 
> the lib. Because it is not in america u r free to use RSA, cause the 
> RSA patent is only (if at all) valid in the states. 

Actually, it is not an European rewrite.  What PGP-i uses is the original encryption library from PGP's author Phil Zimmerman, which cannot be used in the States because of the RSA patent.  RSA wants to keep the algorithm under complete control, so they won't allow any implementation other than their own to be distributed, not even the free one from Zimmerman.  Because of that, Zimmerman's library, which is said to be better than RSA's (and compatible at the interface level) can only be enjoyed outside the United States.


M. S.

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