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> I'm not sure about PGP, but DES actually gets _weaker_ if encrypted with
> two keys.  Three keys does make it much stronger, though, as you say.

actually encrypting 3 times with keys of size n if never stronger as
encrypting one tome with keysize n*3 (if there is no waekness in the
algorithm for special keysizes). The reason why 3DES exists at all is simply
because the keysize of DES (56) was too small for nowadays needs and it IS
hard to find new secure methods. There is no proof that 3DES is as strong as
a modified DES with 168 bit would be. It is expected that it is weaker, and
that it is much slower. Using Algorithms like IDEA or others which support
larger keys is the better solution. Thats one reason why PGP does not use
DES or 3DES.


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