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Re: Virtual Hosting

On Mon, 9 Dec 1996, CoB SysAdmin wrote:

> I should like to mention at this point that there's supposed to be some
> movement toward a convention of the browser notifying the server of what
> host *name* it looked up to get there. So, you could have all the names
> go to one IP and the browsers would say "I was trying to connect to 
> www.one-of-your-clients.com", and the server would give them the proper
> page.
> Apache claims to support this already and I think they said that NS 3.0 and
> IE 3.0 do as well.

I can confirm that it works well with the combination of Apache and NS3.0,
since I am running Linux, I haven't got a chance to test it with MSIE. I
assume Mosaic, Arena, Lynx, et all don't support this, but I'd love to
hear otherwise. 

> Good thing, too. We've got enough IP-space cramping as it is.


the Edward Blevins

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