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Re: Virtual Hosting

> I should like to mention at this point that there's supposed to be some
> movement toward a convention of the browser notifying the server of what
> host *name* it looked up to get there. So, you could have all the names
> go to one IP and the browsers would say "I was trying to connect to 
> www.one-of-your-clients.com", and the server would give them the proper
> page.
> Apache claims to support this already and I think they said that NS 3.0 and
> IE 3.0 do as well.
> Good thing, too. We've got enough IP-space cramping as it is.

This is one of many changes in the HTTP 1.1 spec atleast some of which is
supported by NS and IE 3.0, and apache 1.1.x.  (Don't strangle me if the
version numbers are a little off.. things change so quick these days I
have trouble keeping up).

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