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Re: Some notes on Debian experiences

>>>>> "Alan" == Alan Eugene Davis <adavis@saipan.com> writes:

Alan> During the process of upgrading, I inadvertently deleted the
Alan> entire /usr/info directory.  My own fault, as I freely and
Alan> readily accept.  However, I was not ready for what happened
Alan> next: when I upgraded gcc and cpp (as I found I must when I
Alan> installed gcc and it would not configure), neither package would
Alan> configure, with a dire error message.  But the only problem was
Alan> that the postinstall script could not find /usr/info/dir.  I
Alan> thought it nice to be rid of the directory for the time, as I
Alan> needed the space to compile the kernel, but the Debian package
Alan> tools would not configure these packages unless they were able
Alan> to run install-info.  I saw no way around this, no force option.
Alan> Something of a ridiculous reason not to be able to configure an
Alan> important package, since I delete the gcc and cpp info files
Alan> anyway.

I don't think deleting a part of the debian file system that's managed
by dpkg is a good way to gain some space, unless you understand what
you are deleting.  By doing so, you break the integrity of your debian
system and cannot expect dpkg or package maintenance scripts to
function without problems.

Alan> I still am not sure where the dir file comes from.  Dpkg doesn't
Alan> know about any /usr/info/dir file.  I stumbled across
Alan> cleanup-info, and ran it, but the resulting dir file is not
Alan> adequate to run info or emacs info.  I get the message that no
Alan> top node can be found.

/usr/info/dir is one of those files that's created by the postinst
script of a package.  The package concern is base-files.

Billy C.-M. Chow 
Department of Systems Engineering       
The Chinese University of Hong Kong    
email: cmchow@se.cuhk.edu.hk           

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