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Re: How do I upgrade from 1.1 to 1.2?

At 04:56 PM 12/6/96 +0800, you wrote:
>Brian> there a FAQ I could read about how to get 'over the hump' -
>Brian> _from_ a base installation _to_ where the dpkg-ftp is working
>Brian> and I'm able to download by modem?
>I think after the base install, all you need is the ppp package from
>/debian/net, load up the ppp module by "modprobe ppp" and you should
>be able to connect too your ISP and use dpkg-ftp.  If you have
>problems, come back to the list.

He's back...

I followed the suggestions of 1) base install 2) extra modules (ppp, perl,
cpp, etc. as in my last message)

After configuring ppp to my ISP parameters, I ran 


and was given:

this kernel does not support ppp.

I guess I get to build a new kernel?  Or am I making this whole thing more
difficult than it should be?

to recap:

I'm installing 'rex' to a Debian partition on my hard drive.  I boot from a
floppy, since the majority of what I do (including the ability to send this
message) resides in Dos/Windows on the primary partition.

Install was smooth, except the install program never figured out my CD rom
drive.  That is not important right now.

I'd like to be able to finish my install (translation: add packages) using
the FTP method, so I could hopefully avoid the back and forth nature of
realizing I'm missing a package, rebooting to dos, accessing a FTP site,
reboot to Linux, realize there's another package missing, etc...

The main reason I really want this to work is I have a pile of parts that
hopefully will become a new Linux box, w/o the dos partition.  The main
function of this box is to access my e-mail and web work on the internet,
through my local ISP.  I'd prefer to use Debian.  If that is going to work I
_must_ have a way to quickly get the modem working.

If anyone has been down this road before and would like to offer
suggestions, I'm open to them.  Again, Debian is working fine, I think, but
to add packages it is a pain unless I can grab them straight into Debian w/o
going through the DOS / Windows first.

Thanks everyone for the advice so far, and for creating a really neat package.


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